Friday, October 14, 2016

That Dirty Action Word....DIET!

Why does that word strike such negative feelings to some of us?

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not referring to the noun 'diet', which may refer to a plan of eating.  I am referring to the verb 'to diet', something so many people are familiar with.  Even with good intentions, with dieting, we sooner or later realize just how weak we are.

So I chose many years ago to discard that action word. Instead I use, 'lifestyle' or 'nutritional protocol'.  It doesn't sting as much as, 'to diet'.  I got so tired of trying so many out there.

My Re-programming:

* Choose to live stronger and longer
* Determine to eat what I enjoy. especially the foods of my culture.  Avoid GMO or fake food; stay as close to nature as possible.

* With help of a health practitioner and valid labs, get an evaluation of what are the strong and weak points nutritionally.
* Since foods are so depleted nowadays, find ways to supplement with high-quality, healthy products

* Learn the basics and follow through with what is needed to become and maintain good health.
* My favorite: the 80% nutrition-building protocol, and 20% enjoyable and personally satisfying or comforting foods.
* Use discipline but stay flexible.  Do I utilize the 20% on weekends, or during family or social gatherings?  Be kind to oneself.

* Learn about basic body functions: brain, circulatory, lungs, digestive and detoxifying, gut, hormonal and other systems, to intelligently care for body and prevent unnecessary illness or diseases. Prevention is preferred.

* But, if dealing with acute or chronic problems, seek informed medical practitioners who treat the whole system and seek for root problems, rather than mask the problems with over-medication. Learn how to replace vitamins and minerals that are hacked from body with needed medication.**

* If sedentary, be creative about moving: trampoline or stairs if joints permit; change positions, light house or yard work, etc....and don't forget swimming or dancing.  The key is to enjoy the movement.

To the above ideas, add a positive outlook, social interaction, and a foundational, positive, engaging Belief system. Keep learning and implementing.  Take some risks now and then.

Love.  Encourage others.  Forgive.  Hope. Trust.  Be thankful.  Express emotions.  When a negative thought appears, replace it with a positive one, whenever possible.  Love the Creator, Yourself, Others!

Let's replace that dirty the phrase, Live strong, live long!!

**If interested in a list of evidence-based health and medical protocols, you can view the List of Resources in my book: Overcome Trauma: Without Completely Falling Apart, Amazon Kindle or softcover.

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