Thursday, December 1, 2016

A D D I C T E D !!!

Yes, that's me.  A discovery I recently made.  At my stage in life, I'm going to do it my way.  No more sticking to rigid schedules.  Who needs it?  My kids are grown and have schedules of their own.  ADDICTED to being true to myself.

I have a confession to make, though.  Like many other people, I am a survivor of election trauma.  Most of us made it through; others have a way to go.  But I notice I am addicted to being sidetracked to current news.

Unfortunately, that addiction has slowly sapped my initiative to complete the process of completing my second book and Blogs. The goal I had set for myself to have the book published by end of the past month, fizzled out.

Recently, though, I reviewed my book notes and am getting inspired again!  Back to writing and self-publishing. So, with this fresh Blog, I renew my passion to complete what I started several months ago.

In my initial mini book: Overcome Trauma: Without Completely Falling Apart,  I relate how I took  lemon and made lemonade when life dealt me some hard blows.

In this upcoming Volume 2, I share short stories of how other people are bravely confronting challenges and pursuing wholeness.

The portrayal will be likened to the challenges of Fly Fishing, what it takes to prepare for and follow through to pulling in that coveted catch.  Hopefully, the reader will gain COURAGE TO REEL IN YOUR FISH, your particular challenge in life.

I am recharging my passion for writing and self publishing again...
Yes, addicted again!

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