Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Nightly Fight With Myself!

Retire To Bed At A Decent Hour?

I should know better.  Well, I do know better, but why do I violate what I know may be best for me?

There are several good reasons for retiring earlier.

* By 10 PM melatonin starts to kick in naturally

* Aim for 7- 8 hours sleep for the body to repair itself

* Keep electronics away from sleeping room, and all lights off to encourage deep sleep

* Wind down at least one hour before jumping or hopping in.

* A bit of reading in bed can prep for sleep

*A romantic spousal workout is ideal for delving into a satisfied sleep.

* No computer work in bed

* Last meal/snack a couple of hours before

*No cell phones under pillows; may combust

*Hydrate body - a small glass of water or few ounces of wine - before sleep routine starts

*If snacking, it should combine protein and carb  (healthy cookie with milk?)

*If possible, keep same time routine to keep circadian rhythm happy

But, do I do these things every night?  Too often I allow my stubbornness to overrule reason. I stay up much later because I like to be more creative or studious in the quiet of the night.

Well, once in a while I do the right thing.  Mostly, I engage in this nightly struggle.  Unpredictable me..

What can I tell you!  I enjoy being a night owl.  The fight continues!

Does anyone else struggle with this?   Is there a routine that works for you? or Facebook Chat


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