Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Coming This Far by Grit!

OvercomeTrauma: Without Completely Falling Apart!

The time is past when some seniors become more passive as we age, wondering about declining health.  This one refuses to allow life to just pass her by.

Rather than wondering when family will get in touch, and entertaining feelings of loneliness or rejection, there is a mindset that one can insist on.  I will live fully, to the best of one's ability.

In my first mini-book, published as a Kindle and Softcover via, I relate accounts of how I have overcome trauma, without completely falling apart.

Approaching my 80th year of life, I'm currently working on an update to that book in with large print.  It includes accounts of people who have, or are tackling their own challenges.

Courage, spirituality, determination, perseverance, and large doses of satire or laughter, will go a long way to enjoying our senior years.

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