Friday, January 27, 2017

Teardrops: Language of The Soul

Like raindrops, tears come in any season.  They fall gently and softly, renewing the earth with needed moisture.
Or they may come in loud torrents, causing us to notice and get out of its path if possible

Tears are the physical expression of our emotions.
Tears may express sadness, disappointment, loss, fear, anxiety, apprehension. They may help to loosen, refresh, cleanse or dispel negativity and emotional distress.  Or tears can allow us to manifest joy, gratitude, anticipation, awe, and other positive emotions.

Lately, I find myself tearful, more frequently.

* Grieving for the death of a sibling, and ultimately rejoicing that she is not longer in chronic pain.
* Spiritual and emotional labor pangs for the state of our Nation while it goes through its metamorphosis, then anticipation for its healing.
* Sorrow for the challenges that others face.
* Joy and awe for the awareness of spiritual insight, and expectation for its assimilation.
* Delight for the overcoming spirit that others manifest in challenging situations.

I welcome the tears that allow me to feel, express, cleanse, and that enable me
to move on to the next human or spiritual experience.  The tears are usually temporary; sometimes gut-wrenching.  They are always healing, though. They help to clear out whatever is in my way so that wellness can proceed, in whatever area of my life is needed at some season of my life.

Tears have their place and I welcome them when they come, mostly unannounced!.

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