Monday, February 20, 2017

Hard-Working Illegal Immigrants and Labor Shortage

My suggestions for solution to labor shortage when illegals are exported:

1) The owners and their families should do the labor so they feel what back-breaking work it is.

2) Ask for extension of illegal immigrants so they train citizens who are out of work.

3) Try to assist the faithful illegal workers with no crimes, to apply for legal status and accelerate the process of out-back-in-legally.

4) Get a list of able-bodied welfare takers to replace illegals to work, for a better income than they get from welfare.

5) Better yet, enforce heavy fines and arrest employers who break the law employing illegals.

6) Offer better pay than Soros and his that destructive protesters learn what real work is all about.

7) My heart aches for individuals or families who have to be separated.  Let's concentrate first on the ones with significant  criminal records...not just those forced to lie to get social security in order to do honest work.

8) Embarrass and condemn the countries illegal immigrants come for demeaning their people to the point that they have to run for their lives for safety and better living conditions..

9) Protect the children left behind and don't trust them to pedophile caregivers!!

And folks, please, let's express our feelings with respect, and end the bad language!  There are enough words in the English language to express deep negative feelings!!

There is something each one of us can do to make America Great Again!!!!  "Ask not what our country can do for us; ask what we can do for our country!" JFK

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